Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and hopefully enjoy my first novel, The Dreamers.

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Scroll down to July of "09" where you will open up the first imported chapters of my novel. Once opened up you can find Chapter 1 and begin your journey.

The work of fiction is about 2 very talented high school athletes about to embark on professional athletic careers. Due to choices each of them make their lives take many twists and turns, some for the better, and some not. As in real life, the choices we make seem right at that moment we make them, and often easily justifiable, but in the end they end up becoming the wrong choices and consequences are to be suffered.

Both of these young men have immense character and view each of their lives with nothing but the greatest of hopes, only to find for one of them that pain and suffering is coming his way. It is in many ways a story in which families are pulled in and suffer right along with our main characters which, ultimately, makes the choices that are made even more problematic.

If you like strong character, and believe that people having great character still matters, you should enjoy this story. If you like baseball and often wonder what happens in peoples' lives after each nine innings is played, this book should be for you.

It is ultimately a story of triumph over tragedy and how a romance can seemingly appear in the least expected places. It is a tale of how love of friends and family can lead to great happiness and joy.

I hope you enjoy The Dreamers, because we all had one at one time or another.

Jim Tavegia

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