Friday, April 9, 2010

Chapter 42 The Dreamers

Chapter 42

Jenkins and Johnson had a quiet dinner. Both expressed how disappointed they were in Martin and Mason. They were two of Johnson's best Attorneys. He was going to miss them. He couldn't believe what they did. What could they have been thinking, he thought?

They walked into Judge Menter's office and sat waiting to be announced. Judge McElroy entered the room. He recognized DA Johnson immediately. Johnson introduced Jenkins to the Judge.

Judge Menter came out of his office and asked the men to come inside. They did. They all took seats in the three leather arm chairs in front of the desk.

"What can we do for you," asked Judge Menter? "Seems rather important."

"It is," said Johnson, looking at Judge McElroy. "Judge have you had any personal contact with Motown Matthews," he asked? "We have reason to believe you have."

Judge McElroy looked down at his feet crossed in from of him. He said nothing.

"Judge McElroy," asked Menter? "What's this about?"

"Judge McElroy, you want us to tell what we suspect happened." asked Johnson?

"Go ahead," said Mentor.

Johnson showed Judge Menter the entries in Motown's ledger next to the Judge's name. He also showed him the two prosecutor's names, as well.

"Mark is this true," asked Menter? "Tell me it's not, will you."

"It's true, all of it," he replied in a subdued voice.

"Why," asked Menter? "Why?"

"Motown had his thugs kidnap Marky, my son, over a year ago," the Judge began. "He called about a week after it happened. No leads were forthcoming. I know there was a lot of pressure on the police to do something, but when you had no witnesses to the crime, no evidence, and no leads, what could anybody do. He said if I would cooperate, Marky would not be hurt, and that we could make some deal." stated the Judge.

"He had me meet him with no police down at the docks where he turned Marky over to me, unharmed," the Judge continued. "He said if I would make sure I was available to sit on any cases he was charged with that Marky would never be hurt. I love that kid with all my heart and soul, Jack. You know Martha and I thought we would never have any children, but when he came along late, it was like a gift, you know. I wasn't going to let anyone hurt Marky, no one."

"Go on," said Judge Menter.

"Well, he also said that he would compensate me for my services. It was later that the large manila envelopes began showing up with the cash in hundred dollar bills. Here it all is."

Judge McElroy pulled all seven envelopes out of his briefcase and placed them on Judge Menter's desk. He closed his case and placed it beside his chair.

"I didn't need the money,” continued McElroy. "I just didn't know what to do. I didn't want Motown to get upset and take Marky again. I never asked Bill's office or his prosecutors to take it easy in any of Motown's cases. I never did anything to give him a break. He seemed satisfied with how things always went so I never said anything to anyone, mainly out of fear. I don't need to remind you how these guys work. They can leave bodies. They can make them disappear without a trace. I didn't know what else to do."

"Bill, what does your office want to do here," asked Judge Menter?

"I have no ax to grind with Judge McElroy," DA Johnson responded. "I have no reason to believe he ever contacted our office looking for a favor. I can certainly understand the Judges situation here, especially when your kids are involved. I think that this can stay in this room. We may need the Judge to testify later and bring up Motown on charges of bribery and kidnapping, if we need it, if that is agreeable to the Judge, “asked Johnson.

"Mark, are you agreeable," asked Menter?

"Yes, that is the least I can do, I would think," he replied. "Just let me know when and where, if you need me."

"Judge McElroy," said Jenkins. "I’m sorry we weren't much help to you. I can sense your frustration and fear. We sense it everyday. It is very frustrating, but when it's your own kid, well, that is another matter. I'm not sure if I would have handled your situation any better than you did. It gets tough to know what is right in wrong in cases like that. Just let us know next time, if you would. We probably would have told you to do what you did, anyway. Seems like the only sensible course of action you could take."

"I know, I should have told someone," said Judge McElroy. "I was just so scared for Marky. I wasn't thinking of much else at that point. You need me for anything else?"

"No," said Jenkins. "I think the file on Motown is just about to be closed, for good."

Judge McElroy left the meeting. Judge Menter asked Johnson and Jenkins to stay for a moment.

"I just want to thank you for how you handled this today," said Menter. "Mark is a great Judge, a real caring person. He and his wife Martha are great people. Marky has brought a lot to their lives. Mark was being very sincere, today. Thanks again for your understanding."

"No problem," said Johnson. "Take care, Judge."

"Nice to meet you Sergeant Jenkins," said the Judge. "I owe you one."

Johnson and Jenkins went to their cars and headed home for the night. It was to be a big day tomorrow. They both hoped for a good nights sleep. They would need it.

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