Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chapter 19 of 47 The Dreamers

Chapter 19 The Dreamers

I wish you luck,” I say to Chris as she sits quietly in the car seat. We were sitting in the player’s lot at the ball bark. It was about 5:15pm and we could see Jon’s car in the lot. I told Jocko who was with me so Chris would have not problem getting through the player’s entrance.

She gets out of the car and turns to look at me through the passenger window. “What are you waiting for,” she asks?

“Maybe I should just wait here,” I offer sheepishly? Chris sports a big grin.

“I don’t’ think so slugger,” she adds with a smile. “If I need a ride to the morgue you can help carry the body out, unless it is your body and I’ll help the players carry YOU out.”

“Very funny,” I add. “Now you’re a comedian?”

“Yes, a very nervous comedian!” “Come on let’s go,” she adds.

We made our way up the corridor leading into the lounge before the locker room. As we get there I see Beth Mason standing there almost like she was waiting for us. She tells us Dave called her and told her what was going on. She gave Chris a warm hung and reaffirmed that she and Jon were just friends, nothing more, and that Beth was so glad she decided to come. She told us to wait here and she would go get Jon, jut telling him someone was here to see him. She left and went into the locker room, whether she embarrassed anyone or not. I guessed everyone was dressed as not major noised came out form behind the doors.

We waited a few minutes and heard steps coming toward the double-spring loaded doors. Jon comes through. Chris is sitting off to the side and Jon sees me first. He looks at me and I look at him. I then motion over to the arm chair where Chris is sitting. He stands their dumbfounded for a moment. Chris rises from the chair. He stands there like he is frozen, but I can tell he is not as tears begin rolling down his face. Chris smiles at him and rushes over to him and throws her arms around his neck as they embrace and kiss like a sailor just getting off his ship with his best girl waiting for him. They stop as he puts both of his huge hands on the side of her face, tears still evident as he looks into her eyes. Her eyes are now filled with tears as well. They kiss warmly again.

I leave them there as it was clear they didn’t need my help anymore. Whew, not trip to the morgue. What a relief.

When I finally show up for the game, Jon just smiles at me in the locker room. That was a major accomplishment. I guess Jon was really a man of few words.

We win our 7th game in a row. 6 to 4 and the New Bedford Owls make us work a little harder. Jon goes 2 for 4 with 2 doubles, one to right and one to left. I go 3 for 5 with another 2-run homer, and Reggie Bonds hit one homerun and is intentionally walked 3 times, but Jon made them pay for two of them, so who cared. Jon was constantly looking into the stands all night. I guess he thought it might have been a dream or a mirage. Chris’s being here was certainly not. Bolton kept giving me this goofy grin all game long. Man, was he wacked.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of happy conversation coming from the kitchen. Mary had made up the study for me as my new bedroom since Bob would be home. It would take me a week to get over this week I thought. We had another game tonight at 7:30pm. Gus told me Dick would be at the ballpark before 3pm if I wanted some extra hitting. I told him I was passing today. I mistakenly walk right into the bath room with out knocking and a screech comes out like I’ve never heard before. It was Becky and I apologized for my lack of manners, profusely. She was a pretty little thing, just like I’ll bet Mary was when she was young. Perfect skin, dark brown hair cut short, gently curving around her face. She needed no makeup for sure.

“Listen, Bill,” she said, matter of factly. “Honestly you are just like Bob and Gus, just barging in to the bath room with out knocking. You men are all alike she said with a sweet smile and ear-to-ear grin. Now get out and let me get beautiful, will you?”

I try and save myself by telling her she already is, but she isn’t buying it, I don’t think. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and pushes me back out the door, locking it this time.

I finally get to shower and shave, dress and head out to the kitchen, finally.

“Good morning, Bill,” says Mary. How is our world traveler today?”

“I’m doing well today,” I reply. “My last recollection is that all went well last night at the game and with Chris and Jon. Bolton comes in the back door, much to my surprise.

Dave, what are you doing here,” I ask? He doesn’t even see me and goes right over to Becky and give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Well, I’ll be,” I state in total shock. “How long as this been going on,” as Becky has her arms around him and her cheek resting in his chest?

“Not long enough,” said Dave with great determination.

“Enough you two, sit down and have some breakfast,” which Dave does immediately as he takes a place right next to me and jabs my right arm with his left, pretty hard. He has a smile as wide as a football field and he just stole the other team’s playbook. What a piece of work I thought.

Becky poured everyone some juice as Mary bought pancakes to the table. Dave, of course, was the first to dig in. Becky came and sat right next to him at the table. Gus just shook his head, but we all knew that he really like Bolton. There was a lot of Gus Lollar in Dave Bolton. Maybe that was what Becky saw in Dave. I realized that I was happy for them. Becky might be just the thing for Dave, a real grounding influence. Maybe opposites do attract after all. I thought.

I told everyone that I had put Chris and Jon up at the Marriott last night and had a limo at their disposal for last night and today, but I was drawing the line after that. It was strictly going to be Dutch treat for them from now on.

I know I got a decent signing bonus, but enough was enough.

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